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    Oracle 10g Database Sizing



      Our DBAs have raised some concerns about the DB sizing information we've got for Oracle for the BladeLogic core database. The sizing which is based on 2000 managed servers seems to specify 25GB of temporary tablespace. Our DBAs are worried because this area is (I'm told) used for disk sorts, and performing disk sorts on 25GB of data according to them is going to require a "monster machine".


      This is a bit worrying as we're planning to put it onto an existing 10g RAC environment shared by multiple databases. They would like to know how much of this temporary tablespace is actually in constant use, or if this figure is a worst case scenario for example, the potential amount that would be used when performing an upgrade of the system?


      Many Thanks in advance - Lee

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          Hi Lee - I am working with our database team to help get you an answer to this question.


          Could you point me to the document or guide that is being used to get your sizing information?


          Thanks much,

          Damian Goshey

          BMC - Bladelogic

          Scalability Team

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            Hi Damian,


            The sizing information was provided to us by our third party implementation partner in the form of an excel spreadsheet into which you specify a number of managed servers and it then adjusts various db figures based on the number you provide. The results it gives tell you things like...


            BladeLogic Data Tablespace size

            index tablespace size

            undo tablespace size

            temporary tablespace size

            archvie log tablespace size








            ...and so on...


            Not sure where this document originated from though.

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              Lee - Per our database architect:


              The reason for the relatively “huge” temp tablespace is the current migration framework and to a certain extend the “regular cleanup” . In both cases the transaction size could be of considerable size which requires a big temporary tablespace. Upon normal operation of our application the usage of the temp tablespace is very modest.



              Damian Goshey

              BMC - Bladelogic

              Scalability Team

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                Hi Damian,


                Thanks very much for the information, I've passed it onto our DBAs. I'm sure they'll be happy with the explanation.


                Regards - Lee