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    BladeLogic and Netware

      I have a client who's using building software, then saving it on a Novell Netware share. What's the best way to deploy it?

      I've come up with a few options, but each one has it's drawbacks. Is there a better way?

      Option One - manually add the sw to BladeLogic as software or a BLPackage

      IMHO, this is the least attractive option. Going this route forces the client to modify the software or BLPackage with every new release.

      Option Two - add the software to the depot with an RSCD path

      Probably my favorite method, it's easy to manage and it enable the client to update their builds on a regular basis with minimal or no changes to BladeLogic. In fact, if the path and the name of the software doesn't change, you don't have to make any changes in BL. The problem here is that there's no RSCD agent for Netware.

      Option Three - add the software to the depot with an SMB path

      Can Netware do SMB?

      Option Four - a share of a share

      If we can't put an agent on Novell, and Novell can't share via SMB, perhaps we could reference a share of a share. Basically have a Windows server mount the Netware share, then share it out as SMB. Will that work? Is there an easier way?