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    Determine if windows RSCD agent is 32 or 64 bit?

    Bret Roemhild

      Does anyone know of a definitive way to determine if a 7.4.1.x agent running on windows is 64 or 32 bit agent?


      None of the following in my mind are definitive:

      1) agentinfo

      2) installed to c:\program files (x86)\BladeLogic vs. c:\program files\BladeLogic (what is stopping user from installing x64 to the x86 program files dir?)

      3) add/remove programs

      4) applications or live browse in UI


      Some noticeable differences:

      1) RSCD.exe x64 file seems bigger (what is correct file size for x64?)

      2) md5sum is different but what is the x64 md5sum?

      3) looks like x64 agent creates reg key HKLM\software\bladelogic whereas x86 creates HKLM\software\WOW6432Node\bladelogic


      Second group of options seem to be a little more definitive. To me the most reliable way would be an md5sum on RSCD.exe. Obviously I could install a 32 bit agent and a 64 bit agent and compare but I do not have a machine that I can test this out on.


      So, does anyone know if I missed something? Does anyone have a x64 windows agent installed that they can run an md5sum on for me?