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    bulk installer - can I use to reinstall 64  bit over 32 bit install?

      Struggling with how to use bulk installer on large numbers of servers of potentially unidentified OS. We think we can brute force, and presumably windows agent won't install on Linux/Solaris, but windows 32 bit will install on windows 64 bit, and we know from prior experience patching doesn't work with that config.


      Can we use bulk installer to install 64 bit agent onto servers where we've previously (mistakenly, due to brute force effort) installed 32 big agent, and have it work seamlessly? Is there a better way, bearing in mind we don't have a good way to know what kind of server we have before the installs? Thanks.

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          Ahh but you do have a way to find out which servers are 32bit or 64bit. I made an extended object in BladeLogic that ran a vbscript that read the CPUAddressWidth from WMI. Then you can snapshot that output of the object to get your list of 64 bit servers. I attached the script I used to create the extended object. Of course if these are new installs then you won't have the option of getting that info through blade. You can just run the script with an account that has access to those servers against all the servers in your environment. Couple different ideas come to mind like using Active Directory to get the list of servers or something like that. Hope this helps.