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    blpxe and boot server issues

      Having issues with PXE booting after restarting DHCP, I have made many changes to DHCP previously, stop it and restart it with no issues.


      This is on a Red Hat ES 4 box.

      Running Bladelogic 7.3 with Red Hat DHCP.


      The problem is resolved if after I make the DHCP change I also kill and restart blpxe. I have checked the pxesrv.log files and do see any errors or complaints after a DHCP restart.


      We also configured a second PXE server about two weeks ago and this may be some kind of side affect from that. We are using the same database with two PXE servers, once configured to using the pxe.conf and the other the database. I have opened a ticket with support, figured I would check to see if anyone else has encountered this issue as well.


      I attached a screen capture of the errors during PXE.