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    printAllProperties and port to CSV?

      I have a newbie question please. I have only been working with BladeLogic about two weeks now, and I am just starting with BLCLI.


      I wanted to make a spreadsheet of all server properties so I can see it in one place and figure out if I need to add any custom properties or extra values, etc.


      I ran this command successfully:


      blcli Server printAllProperties servername


      But how can I print all properties for all of the servers under management (I only have one application server) and how can I port the result to a CSV file?

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          Here's a crack at it (completely untested but should work):

          SERVER_LIST=`blcli Server listAllServers`

          for SERVER in $SERVER_LIST
          echo "$SERVER",
          SERVER_PROPERTIES=`blcli Server printAllProperties $SERVER`
          echo "$PROPERTY",
          echo "\n"


          The above will echo to standard out. If you want, just change the echo statements to redirect to a file:


          echo "SOME TEXT" > SOMEFILE.OUT


          For subsequent echo statements you will want to use '>>' to append text instead of '>' which will replace all text.


          Another way you can go about doing this is through Reports. Just create an ad-hoc report and pick the properties you want to report on. If you have created custom properties and want those to show up in the list of available properties to report on, check out the BladeLogicReports.pdf for info on how to do this. It will allow you to create the exact report above and save as HTML, PDF, or CSV.

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            Thanks - that is valuabale information.