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    bulk agent installers

      In the past, to do a bulk agent install to Windows servers I've used an old simple executable, probably the one from this link:



      Now there's an official bulk agent installer that can handle all OS's available in the download's section with everything else.


      I've just tried using the new installer and was unsuccessful, the old installer still worked. The new installer log said it had initiated the installation and then stalled while waiting to check the installation. It looked like it was just trying to run an agentinfo. I was using the local Windows copy. Even if I purposely entered the wrong password it would get to the same point and hang. No error messages. Anyone have an idea why the new installer would be hanging like this?


      Also, it didn't look like there was a simple way to cancel the agent install job, I had to close the bulk installer and open it again.

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          Bill Robinson

          What version of the bulk installer were you using (7.4.1, 7.4.2) ?


          I'd open a ticket up w/ support for the issue w/ the new installer, but yeah - the old installer still works. W/ the new installer, did you create a password, agent install iss, etc and add them all to your job?

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            Using 7.4.1


            I created each piece neceessary for the job; servers, password, agent package, rsc files, and used the windows local copier and the Windows local installer.


            After taking another look at this, looks like it may be a simple problem; psexec isn't installed. I assumed when installing the bulk installer that when I specified the location of psexec, that it would actually place the executable there. It did not. The bulk installer should report an error of some kind if psexec isn't found, instead of just hanging.


            Side note: any common reasons why the old bulk installer would error out on some servers with the following message: "Error copying response file... This network connection does not exist"


            At first glance looks like the ADMIN$ isn't available, is there a simple configuration change to make it become available?

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              Bill Robinson

              ah - that could be it.


              i think we may not distribute psexec due to licensing issues.


              if you can, please put in a ticket w/ support about this issue - that you should get some kind of notification about psexec not being present if you are trying to install windows agents.

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                will do.


                Side note: after installing psexec it works as expected. I'm still seeing the same problem with the Admin$.


                Has anyone ever tried a mass install at a client that, for some reason, has the default Admin$ share disabled? Anyway around it, still using the BL provided tools?

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                  Bill Robinson

                  i've seen the $ shares disabled before - i think it's a local security policy setting.


                  regardless, i don't believe there is a way around it - if that's not available you can't install anything. (even w/ something like SMS i think)...unless there is another tool in the environment that lets you push software. or you can open up ftp and telnet to the box i think...

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                    just out of curiousity....where did you install psexec? Did you put it into the C:\Program Files\Bladelogic\Bulk RSCD Agent Installer\br directory?


                    I didn't put it there and it did not work for me....

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                      Bill Robinson

                      during install the bulk installer asks you where the psexec.exe is, if you want to use a different location, look in the \br\bulkinstaller.properties file and change the psexec location.


                      you also may have to run psexec once from the commandline to accept its eula.

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                        Yeah...I forgot about that. But I found that you can modify the location of psexec by changing an entry in the bulkinstaller.properties file. Once I did that and pointed it to the correct location of the psexec.exe, it worked fine.


                        I was thinking about using the Bulk agent installer to do upgrades of the agents. But, I think there would have to be a 2-stage process for this. Stage 1 would be to un-install the agent on the client(s). Stage 2 would be to install the new agent on the same client(s). One problem I see with this is the licensing. Would the status of a permanent license be affected by a un-install/install of the agent?


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                        Stuart Liddle

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                          I think the new bulk installer has a place to specify a response file to use if you're just doing an upgrade. So it looks like if an older agent is installed and you run the agent install for a newer version, it should upgrade it correctly, in one step.


                          Side note: Does anyone know the exact ports that the bulk installer uses for installing on Windows servers with the local installer and copier? It looks like it only uses 135-139 and 445, but I want to make sure it doesn't need anything else.

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                            yes, it is true that you can specify a response file (.iss file), however, when you run an agent installer on a system that already has one installed it will just ask if you want to un-install the existing agent. It won't do the install at the same time.

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                              Bill Robinson

                              you need to record an upgrade iss file and include that in the 'upgrade' slot of the agent installer package in the bulk installer.


                              so if you are installing 7.4.2 agents and some of the agents are < 7.4.2 and some servers don't have agents at all, you specify an install.iss and an upgrade.iss for the 7.4.2 agent you are installing.


                              the bulk installer will figure out if the agent is installed or not and then either use the fresh install, or do the upgrade.


                              the only case where the agent will prompt you to uninstall is if you are trying to install the same version of the agent.