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    Configuring a secondary provisioning server



      App server details:

      Version 7.3.0

      DB: Oracle 10gR2


      Yesterday I just finished setting up a secondary application and provisioning console in our second data center using the same database as our primary application/provisioning console. The application install went fine, I can connect to the new application console, view our existing servers, jobs, files, etc. The same goes for provisioning manager. Signs in with out issue, I can see our existing OS profiles, and so on. The problem is when attempting provision a Dell 1850, the box PXE, Gets a DHCP address and starts the BLPXE process. TFTP starts and times out stating the boot server IP; cannot be found.


      The boot server IP is the incorrect IP. The IP is the primary provisioning server in the other data center. How do I configure the secondary provisioning manager on the new server to be the primary boot server for the data center it resides in?


      The only option I found in the GUI under, tools, configuration, TFTP tab and the IP listed is the IP for the primary provisioning console. Since the two provisioning consoles are sharing the same database I would assume this configuration option is set a shared configuration? Can there be more then one?



      -Kenny Sexton


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          Bill Robinson

          There can be only one! :)


          Actually - you can override the db settings if you look in /br/pxe.conf and tftp.conf - you should be able to specify the IP addresses there so those pxe and tftp servers are actually listening on the right IP. (assuming you have different IP addresses between sites)


          Also - in the dhcp options for this remote network what is the bl_server option set to? this needs to be set to the IP of the new appserver.

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            Also, make sure you create a new datastore for this instance that points to your new PXE store too.

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              There is an option in provisioning manager where you setup the pxe/tftp settings.


              you should take those settings and put them in the config files for pxe and tftp in om/br


              This is where you get the opportunity to make each pxe/tftp server different.



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                Bill Robinson

                the fact that he said the boot server IP is the same as before makes me think the dhcp options didn't get modified for the new datacenter.. which would be the main problem i think.


                but once that's fixed, he'll hit the rest of the problems that we mention...


                in the pxe.conf there's a line like:



                change that to 'true' and update the other settings in the file like mark says.

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                  Thanks for the feedback:


                  Based on the replies here is what I have changed:



                  I cant find anything specific like an IP: The tftp.conf is the out of the box build. Is there a line item I need to add to specify the new PXE server IP?



                  Verified the option bl-server: is the correct IP for this instance.


                  I have not set up another data repository at the new data center. We wanted to try provisioning over the wire. However if this is a problem, I can set up one.


                  Thanks again for the help.

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                    Bill Robinson

                    you may want to setup another data store local to that facility depending on how the connectivity is between the sites.

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                      good news, it's working. So a few things:


                      I updated the following lines in the pxe.conf

                      1. use_config_file=true

                      2. the multicast ip address to listen on

                      3. the ip address of the tftp server

                      4. tftpd base dir


                      Restarted BLPXE and it worked. To test the changes even further I reconfigured the entry in the database back to the original IP and successfully provisioned a server simultaneously in both data centers.


                      Here is the last item I need to address for some clean up: To get this to work I coped all contents in /nsh/tftproot/X86PC/pxelinux/. As well as everything that we store in PXESTORE, which is essentially contains the kickstart for the various Red Hat versions we use. Do I need to keep this in /nsh/pxestore on both servers?


                      I am not sure what information is being pulled across the wire from the data store in our Primary Data center.


                      Thanks for the help.


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                        Actually, you shouldn't have to change anything in the tftp.conf file as tftp listens on all interfaces by default.

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                          Bill Robinson

                          you should create 2 instances of the PXE Datastore' property class in the property dictionary. 1 instance for data center A and one instance for data center B.


                          the values of the properties in the instance should reflect the appropriate locations for each data store. since your file system and 'virtual' locations look like they will be the same (the /nsh/pxestore) the only property that will likely be different between the 2 instances would be the 'LOCATION' property (the IP of each data store box).


                          also, the /nsh/tftproot/.. is defined in the tftp.conf file (i believe) - this is the root of the tftp server. you shouldn't have to make any changes for that.


                          then, in the provisioning wizard, one of the last steps is to set the property value of the 'DATA STORE' property. set this to the appropriate value for the data center of the target system.