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    Changing IP/hostname of application server

      Hello all,


      Does anyone have change the IP/hostname of its own application server?

      I've moved all my /opt/nsh on new system, and also /usr/lib/rsc but during start appserver hangs at


      Retrieving propertis for oldhostname.my.domain


      Any hint?




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          Bill Robinson

          If your "application server" also has the "file server" installed on it, and you moved that as well (/opt/nsh/storage in your case) you need to run some sql scripts to update the file server information in the database.


          look in the 'bladelogicinstallation.pdf' for the section "Using the Database to Change File Servers" and follow the instructions for your database (mssql/oracle).

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            You will also need to update your file server location with blasadmin.bat



            /opt/nsh/br/blasadmin show file all






            You can set a new file server host name by running the following


            /opt/nsh/br/blasadmin set file name new_host_name


            Be sure to also run the sql scripts mentioned by Bill.

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              What about this one...I downgraded the app server to 7.4.1 from 7.4.2:


              *Warning: The file server is not licensed. The application server will not run unless it can connect to a licensed file server. Do you want to continue?


              root@blapp file_server_change# sqlplus bladelogic/sa@xe @file_server_check_oracle.sql

              SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Mon Apr 21 23:44:56 2008

              Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.

              Connected to:

              Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release - Production

              File Server and root path current setting


              Counts of items at File Servers and root paths referenced in the database

              no rows selected

              xe >




              root@blapp br# /usr/nsh/br/blasadmin show file all




              root@blapp br# hostname



              root@blapp br# ls -la /usr/nsh/storage/

              total 16

              drwx------ 2 bladmin root 4096 Apr 21 17:16 .

              drwxr-xr-x 27 root root 4096 Apr 21 23:12 ..



              I am fine with /usr/nsh/storage as the location -- why won't it take it? It's an empty directory

              What constitutes being a "licensed" file server??


              Should //blapp/usr/nsh/storage really be //localhost/usr/nsh/storage ?


              Please review my other thread on the overall downgrade here:






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                It is referring to the RSCD agent running on your file server. Test this with agentinfo.


                agentinfo <file_server>


                Use getlic/putlic/autolic utilities to licenses it.


                You likely lost your licenses when you uninstalled the 7.4.2 agent and installed the 7.4.1 agent.

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                  ah ok...


                  # nsh

                  blapp# agentinfo blapp


                  Agent Release :

                  Hostname : blapp

                  Operating System: Linux 2.6.9-55.ELsmp

                  User Permissions: 99/99 (nobody/nobody)

                  Security : Protocol=5, Encryption=TLS1

                  Host ID : A8C03241


                  1. of Processors : 1

                  License Status : Not Licensed

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                    # autolic -u mossy blapp

                    blapp : Licensed for NSH/CM


                    No more error about file server. (phew).


                    Thanks Dan!