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    Changing bladmin uid

      We did some cleanup a a couple days ago and renumbered all our users to fit a standard, including moving the bladmin user to a specific UID on all systems. Since then, we've been having issues.


      We've been reading lots of docs and there are things hinting that the UID of bladmin must be constant, but I haven't been able to find anything specific yet.


      Does anyone know if changing the uid of the bladmin user will cause problems? If so, where is the value stored in the DB, and what are the implications of changing it?





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          Bill Robinson

          i think as long as the files that are owned by bladmin stay owned by bladmin you're ok. so shutdown everything, change the uid and then change the perms on all files w/ that old uid.

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            The issue in your case Todd has to do with the file server setup.


            If your file server is NFS mounted to multiple appservers and you don't map your fileserver agent to root with root squash disabled. You will have ownership issues between the boxes when connecting to the share.


            As long as the bladmin UID is consistent across all appservers that share a NFS mounted datastore, and the datastore ownerships are set to the correct UID all should be well.