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    Oracle instance using shared server

      BladeLogic default server method during a JDBC Connection is "DEDICATED", this kind of connection don't work with Oracle instance with default sessions set


      to "SHARED".


      Bladelogic's error is:


      "com.bladelogic.app.db.DBException:Message:io exception:End of TNS data channel SqlState:null ErrorCode 17002"


      To work out from this, I have done:


      1> set "SERVER = DEDICATED" in tnsnames.ora oracle file

      2> set database ConnectionString with the content of tnsnames.ora.




      if your tnsnames.ora is this:


      PIPPO =



      (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)(PORT = 1525))



      (SID = PIPPO)





      well you have to change from blasadmin the database connectionstring.


      from: "ConnectionString: jdbc:oracle:thin:@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:1525:PIPPO"


      to: "ConnectionString: jdbc:oracle:thin:@(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS_LIST=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)(PORT=1525)))(CONNECT_DATA=(SID=PIPPO)




      If you receive the error "com.bladelogic.app.db.DBException:Message :No more data to read from socket SQLState: null ErrorCode: 17410"


      check if the oracle "cursor_sharing" is set to "EXACT" in oracle configuration; if not use this command:


      alter system set cursor_sharing=exact





      Giuliano Galifi & Fulvio Dalfelli