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    NSH proxy server and DNS

      I've setup an NSH proxy server so that clients on the 'general' network don't have direct access to servers in the 'production' network. I have got this working, however I am seeing an issue with name resolution.


      The servers in the 'production' network aren't registered in the same DNS that the 'general' network uses. So when a client tries to access a server by name, they can't resolve the name to an IP. However if they put that server name in their local hosts file it they are able to nsh to that host by that name.


      Is there a solution to this problem? Ideally I'd like the proxy server to handle the name resolution.




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          NSH proxy just provides authentication to access a server. You still need to be able to resolve the server name from the local client machine.

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            Thank you for your response.


            I was surprised to hear this and as such opened a support call with BladeLogic to see what options they had for addressing this. It turns out that currently all name resolution does occur at the client level, but that there was a product enhancement request to give users the option of doing this at the NSH Proxy server. I've added my ticket to the list of users who are interested in this enhancement. They couldn't give me an estimated time frame on availability however.


            Thanks again!