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    Adding New Grammars

      Two months ago someone noted there was a different way to add grammars. This was in a post here:




      However, he didn't mention what the new way was. And I don't see him in the company directory. In addition, opsmgr.pdf makes no mention of adding grammars.


      Does anyone know what the new way is, and where is it documented?

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          Since 7.x version, you don't need anymore to go in the DB to add a new grammar. To reference it in OM, you've now blcli command in ConfigFileGrammar area :


          ConfigFileGrammar : createConfigFileGrammar


          This command adds a grammar to the system. Grammars are used to parse configuration files.


          Return Type: com.bladelogic.model.base.keys.DBKey


          Command Input

          Argument Name Argument Type Description

          localGrammarFileDir java.lang.String Directory containing the gram. file.

          localGrammarFileName java.lang.String Name of the grammar file.

          grammarName java.lang.String Unique name that is used internally

          to recognize the grammar file.

          displayName java.lang.String Name to display in Configuration

          Manager. This name appears in the

          Configuration File Administration

          window's Name column.

          description java.lang.String Short description of the grammar.

          This description appears in the

          Configuration File Administration

          window's Grammar column.