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    Data Migration Manager - Upgrade 7.1.1 -> 7.2

      I had a working installation of OM, v. 7.1.1, on Windows Server 2003 with SQL Server. In an attempt to upgrade to 7.2, I first installed the 7.2 client in order to run the data migration manager. I ran "C:\Program Files\BladeLogic\OM\br\blmigration_mgr.bat" C:\Demo\Software\BladeLogic\7.2\bl_7.2\db_scripts\sqlserver\upgrade". The GUI successfully launched and I clicked the Run Migration button. I failed with the following error: "Invalid object name 'mig_run'. SQLState: S0002 ErrorCode: 208". The errors on the command prompted had a stack trace, but began with the following:


      Reading Command action file(C:\Demo\Software\BladeLogic\7.2\bl_7.2\db_scripts\sqlserver\upgrade\.\7.1.1_to_7.2.0OM\Migration_actions/migration_actions.xml)

      Started executing action node(Sql) name(mig_schema_chk_crt_tbls) at(Mon Mar 12 13:49:53 EDT 2007)

      Executing against(destination db) using delimiter(;) SQL statement(BEGIN

      EXEC mig_schema_chk_crt_tbls END)

      Finished executing action node(Sql) name(mig_schema_chk_crt_tbls) with an exception(Message : Invalid object name 'mig_run'. SQLState: S0002 ErrorCode: 208


      Any thoughts?