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    Uninstall RSCD agent

      Is there a command line switch to do a silent uninstall the RSCD agent? I want to do a mass uninstall in our Test LAN.



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          For windows, create an iss file and do it the same way. You may have to check the parameters


          Actually, I've been looking on




          and rscd /x may do it. maybe rscd /x /f1rscd.iss.


          I'm sure that some command line similar to the silent install command will work.


          On unix, have a look inside the uninstall script (/usr/nsh/Uninstall/Uninstall.sh). There is probably a -silent option.

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            I haven't had much success with this. I also just tried working with the setup.exe in the Uninstall folder and still can't figure out how to do it silently. Looking at the Uninstall option off of the Start menu I see a flag -l0x9 which appears to skip the language selection and go right to the prompt to uninstall, but no matter what else I ry I can't get it to uninstall silently. I have tried -q, -qn, -silent, and -quiet with no luck...

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              you need to record an uninstallation iss file (done running RSCD-W32.EXE /r /f1c:\uninstall.iss)


              then you invoke the installer with this uninstall response file RSCD-W32.EXE /s /r1c:\uninstall.iss


              ... in fact the syntax is the same as the installation process, only the content of the ISS file is different.


              /r means record

              /s means silent

              /f1 designs the file to create/use (note that there's no space between /f1 and the file name)


              Cheers, Olivier.

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                Nope - didn't work... Here is the .iss file it created if that helps...



                File=Response File






                Name=BladeLogic RSCD Agent







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                  Not sure why that wouldn't work. I've created an uninstall iss file and used it with the Windows Bulk Installer to uninstall on 100 windows servers and it worked perfectly.


                  Did you create the uninstall file on the Win2X server itself or did you create it on an XP machine? I've had problem when I created it on an XP machine.



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                    Rather than start another thread, I thought I would  dredge this old one.


                    I need to uninstall the RSCD agent 7.4.5 from 60 Linux boxes.  It was installed using the .sh script.


                    Once I have done this, I will be deploying the 7.6 rpm package.


                    How can I automate the uninstall?  There is nothing in the manual and I don't fancy doing by hand on 60 machines.





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                      Bill Robinson

                      there's no built-in silent uninstall.


                      I think basically:


                      rm -f /etc/init.d/rscd

                      rm -rf /usr/lib/rsc

                      rm -rf /usr/nsh


                      then there are some libraries in /usr/lib or /lib. not sure about those.

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                        Is it still the case that there is no silent uninstall?

                        Nothing in the docs that I can find

                        /NSH/Uninstall is interactive I believe

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                          Bill Robinson

                          In 8.2 we use a MSI installer so you should be able to do the uninstall w/ msiexec and the UUID or whatever for the msi.