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    CPU Utilization question

      This might sound funny, but I am installing a RSCD 6.3 agent on a clients server and before they let us do it they want to know what the expected CUP utilization would be during scans or minor jobs. I am quessing it would be around 1-2% but tried to find it in some documentation and couldnt find anything. Does anyone know if there is any such documentation on this?




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          This is somewhat difficult to answer. I guess the answer really depends on what tasks you are executing.


          That said, the agent itself should have pretty low CPU utilization during most actions. Somewhere between 1-10% depending on how fast your CPUs are and what it's doing. You usually see higher utilizations on the actions the agent kicks off on the OS -- apart from what the agent does itself.

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            Basically it would be the equivalent of what it would take to locally execute similar commands. For example, if you're doing an audit, take into account what you're gathering (just a simple 'ls' vs. a full checksum on each file). Or in the case of a deploy, take into account utilization during a file copy / move. Like Sung said, it pretty much depends on what you're doing. But in the case of minor jobs, utilization should be pretty low.