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    BladeLogic and Clustering



      I was just wondering if there had been much testing of BladeLogic on clustered nodes.


      I will soon be rolling out agents to HPUx, AIX and Linux high-availability clusters and am concerned because we have not had a chance to do any testing first.


      I presume that BladeLogic is fully compatable and works seamlessly with clustered nodes, however I would appreciate any comments from someone who has actaully tested this.




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          We treat each node in the cluster as its own indivdual server. For deployments that need to write to the mount point that is only on the active node creating a batch job that fails on a simple file deploy and setting the batch to not continue on such a failure covers things.


          I'd like to deploy to the cluster address for applications. But,, beyond license validation for virtual IPs, we're running into problems with parameters that reference an alias instead of the true hostname.



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            Thanks for your comments Michael - I think we will probably hit similar difficulties when we come to try deployments...Please keep us posted of any other pitfalls.


            Thanks, Jay