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    Port 4750

      Has Bladelogic registered port 4750 ? I have a conflict with another application. obviously, one of them will have to change. I'd rather not change BL!



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          I just looked up port 4750 with iana.org (Internet Assigned Number Athority) and as of May 26 2005, it has not be registerd by any company. I know there is another widely used product that uses port 4750 but for the life of me at the moment I cannot remember what the product is.



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            Oddly enough, a product of Shavlik (now integrated with BladeLogic starting in 6.3) was found to be listening on port 4750 at a client site recently. I was told it was the console, but I do not know.

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              That's correct. Shavlik also uses port 4750 for one part of their Patch Analysis products.

              The part that we've integrated with though does not use 4750 (luckily).

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                My understanding of agent ports, is that we would use a particular port for all agents. Is this correct, or can I provide an exception list for systems with non-4750 port numbers - and use a non-4750 port for only those specified managed nodes?

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                  By default, port 4750 is used when the agent is installed. This is set in the secure file by the following line:




                  Now, if you wish to use different port for the agent, you would want to change the port= on the rscd line on each agent and restart the agent to pick up the change. You can do this by editing the file or using the secadmin utility:


                  secadmin -m rscd -p <new port>


                  By default, when you use the appserver or NSH to connect to an agent, it will try to contact the agent using port 4750. Depending on the way your env is set up, you will have to add an entry into the local secure file for each host listening on another port. So for instance, from the appserver, you will have to have an entry in it's secure file that reads something like this:




                  This line is telling the connecting process (NSH/AppServer/..) that to connect to this host, you will have to use the new port, but preserves other agent communication to 4750. This will have to be done for each secure file from which a user connects to that remote machine. This will not have to be done on each agent however. So if 5 users connect to the machine from their own desktops, they will all need this entry.


                  I hope this helps.



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                    Yes... very helpful. Thank you.