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    difficulty pushing X509 certificates to window servers

      We're testing out the implementation of X.509 certificates between an application server and agents at Capgemini.


      We've successfully set up the (windows) application server, created \rsc\certs\SYSTEM\id.pem and pushed the certificate out to a linux and a solaris agent.


      Now agentinfo for the linux & solaris agents shows:



      Security : Protocol=5, Encryption=TLS1 with X.509 Certificates


      I have noticed that the file created on the solaris & linux boxes is not /usr/nsh/certs/id.pem, but /usr/nsh/certs/SYSTEM, but this is not a problem, just different to the documentation.


      There are two problems with windows:


      1. The command to push the certificate to the windows server (putcert SYSTEM id.pem wtfsdmowin1> returns success, but no certificate is actually pushed.


      2. If the command to push certificates to windows did work, and assuming that the file will also be called SYSTEM, as with the unix agents, and placed in \rsc\certs; when I push the certificate to the fileserver (which is on the appserver), it will conflict with the directory already existing there.