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    Bulk installer and Citrix servers

      Hello all,


      Can anyone tell me if the Bulk installer application will switch a Citrix server into 'install' mode to allow the installation of the agent?





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          I've tried the bulk installer on one server and it didn't install right so I had to manually re-install.


          However the server which i manually installed on (dropping server into install mode) worked fine.

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            This is consistent with the expected behavior of the agent. Since Citrix servers are in appserver mode rather than administrative mode, they must be set for application installs via "change user /install" before the agent will successfully install. If it is not in install mode, the %WINDIR%\rsc folder will not be properly created. If you wanted to do an install to a set of Citrix servers via the bulk agent installer, you would have to go back after the install, create the %WINDIR%\rsc folder manually and populate it with the appropriate set of files. Note that if a Citrix server is in execute mode rather than install mode, the rsc folder gets created at "m:\documents and settings\username\windows\rsc" assuming that m: is your primary drive letter.

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              Thanks Dan, I understand that the server needs to be switched into install mode, but thats the whole problem as the bulk installer won't handle that aspect.


              When I come to rolling out to many Citrix servers manually connecting to each one to move the folder contents is going to be a significant bind.

              The contract I'm am due emark on shorly has 100+ Citrix server so this util will play a big part in the agent deployment.


              Is there any possibility to adjust the bulkinstaller applet to drop a server in install mode, then back to execute as part of the installation process? At the end of the day if the server isn't terminal based that should matter as it would ignore those 'change /user install' commands.




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                If the bulk installer had a "Pre command" and a "Post command" where you could enter the appropriate commands to switch to/from your desired modes, would this solve your problem?

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                  At this time there is no way to do switch the system into install mode via the bulk agent installer. The other tricky aspect of this is that providing the 'change user /install' command only modifies the system state for that user, and other active users on the box remain in execute mode. So, this brings up the question of how our bulk agent installer really works. When the bulk agent installer connects to the machine to do the install, does it log in and have its own session? If not, I don't believe that what Thomas recommends above would work since you can't 'change user' if you're not a user...

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                    As an additional follow-up, I have a Citrix box here and Thomas is working on modifying the bulk agent installer. We'll be running some tests in a little while and if we come up with something, I'll let you know.



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                      Hi Dan, Thomas


                      Thanks for your help. I'll look forward to the outcome here.





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                        Despite the modifications to the bulk agent installer, we weren't able to get it to work successfully with the agent install to a Citrix box. The good news is that I have a workaround. I've written up a set of scripts that can iterate against a defined server list and is confirmed to work with one server already.


                        I need to do some additional testing against more servers, but don't have them redily available yet. Tomorrow I'll be configuring a few test servers to function with Terminal Services in Appserver mode which should be sufficient for testing.


                        Once we get this certified as working, we'll be able to provide it to customers. I'll let you know once this can be given out and where you can get it.

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                          good stuff Dan, thanks for the update.

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                            I have assembled a toolkit which functions as a bulk agent installer for Citrix servers. Since the testing of this script has been limited to very small runs (ie: 1 or 2 servers at a time), we ask that if you are interested, please contact support for a copy of the files.