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    Help diagnosing agent problems...

      Hi all,


      I've been installed some agents on some of our clients machines. Most of them are fine apart from one. Its a Windows 2000 Citrix server and the service will not stay started for longer than a few minutes.


      I've checked the NT event logs and no errors are reported relating to the RSCD.. only informative that the agent has been started by my own intervention.


      Are there any agent log facilities available that i can use to help diagnose this problem? Any ideas?


      Comments greatly appreciated.





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          Frank, you can put the agent in debug mode and then look at the rscd log.


          In /Windows/rsc, you'll find a file named "log4crc.txt". just under the "root category" comment, you'll find two category tags with the names, "rscd" & "rscdsvc" with priorities of "info1" & "info", respectively. Change both of these priorities to "debug". Restart the service and that should give you more information. I recommend taking the results of that log to BladeLogic support.

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            In the RSCD install directory, there should be rscd.log (the agent), and rscdsvc.log (the watcher service). If the agent (rscd) dies then the service (rscdsvc) will try to restart the agent.


            If you need to access the log files remotely via nsh, use the logman utility because otherwise the agent will try to log the fact that you are reading the log, which can cause problems with open files.