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    More problems on NT4..

      Hello All,


      I've been tinkering with two different flavours of the NT4 agent to two seperate servers to see what differences stand out. On one server I have the 5.1.2 agent installed (without AD extensions) and the other has 6.1.1 with AD extensions installed.

      Operations manager common to both is


      I've tried a simple file deploy to both servers and the 6.1.1 works fine but the 5.1.2 fails with "Test deploy of file to a server->simulate failed on server exsbh98 exit code = 64".


      Also the downloads section on this site states the 6.2 agent works with NT4 but when I installed onto my system is flags a repeated common DLL error message thus I dropped one back to 6.1.1 to make it work.


      Any ideas?



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