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    Installing on NT4 server

      Hello All,


      I've been doing some testing with the BL agent on our clients NT4 servers. I was told the 6.1 or 6.2 agent was the last supported agent that would install onto an NT4 platform. I've tried installing the 6.1 agent on a virgin built NT4 server and despite the Active Direcotry client warning all seems fine. However I installed the same agent onto two of the clients production servers today and a repetative message keeps popping up saying 'The dynamic link library NTDSAPI.dll could no be found in the specified path.....'. Rebooted servers and message still pops up.


      Whats going wrong?


      The Installguide PDF says that a primative version can be installed which exlcudes the AD elements but can't find it on the site to download :-0