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    Agent log file best practices

      Need input concerning rscd agent log file. Overall question is how to protect the log file? Can I have the log file output to a different location or a centralized location? Only way I can think this might work is to have nsh on the target server and try directing it to //appserver/centrallocation.

      What happens if a root user types rm -r /usr/lib/rsc. Do I get that info in a log?

      Will integrating it with syslog help to preserve the errors?

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          Redirecting the logfile using NSH to //appserver/location will work as along as the ACLs are setup to allow this script to run


          If you do a rm -f /usr/lib/rsc using NSH, you will definitely log it, but that would be the last command you could run, the agent would "lock" itself out after that, you would have to go in as root and reset the ACL's


          If you redirect agent logs to syslog, you will lose logman usage. However, if syslog redirectopn/consolidation is setup, you can consolidate log files


          I'd like to see agent log file encryption...