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    how to pass a parameter to an nsh script?

      I'm writing an nsh script to find all domain controllers in an environment and add them to a static group. I want to pass a value in for the parent group, as the script will be used in different datacenters. The script looks like this:


      HOST=`uname -n`


      SERVER_GROUP1_ID=`blcli ServerGroup groupNameToId $SERVER_GROUP1`


      if nexec $HOST dsquery server


      SERVER1_ID=`blcli Server getServerIdByName $HOST`

      RESULT=`blcli StaticServerGroup addServerToServerGroup $SERVER_GROUP1_ID $SERVER1_ID`


      echo "$HOST is not DC"



      Rather than assign SERVER_GROUP1 a value in the script, I want to be able to pass it "Syracuse", or "London", or similar, as a parameter at the start of the job. Suggestions? TIA!