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    NSH script - Execute script once



      I am trying to run a nsh script job on the BL server against a list of clients. I created a nsh script which is listed below and I am selecting the second option:

      Execute script once, passing the host list as a parameter to the script (%h or %f macros are available). When I try to save it it says:


      Script requires %h or %f parameter to run properly.


      The question is: Where do I set this parameter?


      BL version: 7.0.2




      HOST=$(uname -n)

      sub errsub(){

      echo "Warning Error in : $1"


      echo "log : Starting : \n"

      /usr/local/bin/bljython /usr/nsh/br/scripts/new/deploy.jli -b 7.0.1-14 -f /tmp/cluster

      if ;then

      errsub "Executing P4\n"

      exit 1