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    Jython : no such file or directory

      I'm having a problem running a jython script in the config manager, and i'm running into this problem. i'm running this on a 6.3.4 machine. here's some info to help. Any ideas?


      lctsp055% cd /usr/nsh/br

      lctsp055% cat .bashrc


      lctsp055% cd /usr/nsh/jython

      lctsp055% ./jython

      Jython 2.1 on java1.4.2_08 (JIT: null)

      Type "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.

      >>> import sys

      >>> sys.path




      This is the job log:


      Info 09/20/2006 19:32:43 Started running the job '3. Remedy/BladeLogic Integration Part I'

      Error 09/20/2006 19:32:57 /usr/bin/env: jython

      Info 09/20/2006 19:32:58 Exit Code 127

      Error 09/20/2006 19:32:58 : No such file or directory

      Info 09/20/2006 19:32:58 The job '3. Remedy/BladeLogic Integration Part I' has failed

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          First, if it is available in 6.3.4, use bljython instead of jython.


          It looks like the script is unable to find jython at all.


          What does the jython script look like (does it have env at the top)? If the script starts with "/usr/bin/env jython", try changing that to a direct reference to jython (/usr/nsh/jython/jython)


          If that doesn't work, what is the path of the process that is running nsh scripts (create a simple nsh script job to echo $PATH)?


          Finally, put a print "hello world" at the second line of the jython script to verify that the script is actually being called.

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            i just found out that it had to do with the transfer of the files, in ASCII rather than in binary. Thanks for the help.