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    jar manifest grammar



      I am trying to write a grammar to parse java jar file manifests. I've written an extended object to extract the manifest, and cat it out.


      If a manifest file has a section like this:


      Name: java/util/

      Specification-Title: "Java Utility Classes"

      Specification-Version: "1.2"

      Specification-Vendor: "Sun Microsystems, Inc.".

      Implementation-Title: "java.util"

      Implementation-Version: "build57"

      Implementation-Vendor: "Sun Microsystems, Inc."


      Then I want Name to be the section head, and all following items to belong to it.


      I adapted the windows ini grammar, but it just refuses to parse.


      I have some sections without parents (especially the 1st two lines). Is this the reason why it wont parse?