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    NSHScriptJob | How to update "Staging directory" value via blcli?

      I am able to successfully create an NSHScriptJob via blcli using the "NSHScriptJob createNSHScriptJob", along with the other NSHScriptJob commands, in 6.3.2 but upon execution of the job, I receive the following error message:


      Job Name manageActiveRTE - Run at 08/21/2006 15:07:01

      Start Time 8/21/2006 15:07

      End Time 8/21/2006 15:07

      Status Completed with Errors


      Participant Type Date Message

      Run at 08/21/2006 15:07:01 Info 8/21/2006 15:07 Started running the job 'manageActiveRTE'

      dssvaxxx Error 8/21/2006 15:07 cp: Unable to create file /script370912008855.1_manageActiveRTE.ksh: Permission denied

      dssvaxxx Error 8/21/2006 15:07 chmod: Cannot access file /script370912008855.1_manageActiveRTE.ksh: No such file or directory

      dssvaxxx Error 8/21/2006 15:07 Not authorized to run this command

      dssvaxxx Info 8/21/2006 15:07 Exit Code 200

      Run at 08/21/2006 15:07:01 Info 8/21/2006 15:07 The job 'manageActiveRTE' has failed


      My assumption is that the "Staging directory" parameter for the NSHScriptJob is not set, therefore it's defaulting to "/"?


      If so, how do I update this parameter via blcli? I've tried updating that value via the GUI, for sake of getting the job to just run, but I am unable to do so, the ellipse button is not clickable and the field is write protected.