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    Custom Property Classess from blcli



      I would like to find out how can I query custom propertie values. Here is a scenario:


      I created (under Custom Property Classes) a new class called DBSID in which I added an extra property called: SIDNAME (Type: Simple-> String enumeration). Then I created a new Instance of this class called: DEVDB1. I set the SIDNAME in this instance to DEVDB1.


      Now, I created a new class (under the main Custom Property Classes tree) called Streams. Under it, I created sub-class called TestStream and I added extra property value called DBSIDS which is Property Class DBSID Type (Inherits SIDNAME).


      So now I can create a new instance of TestStream in which as DBSIDS I select the DBSID/DEVDB1 instance. How do I query (from blcli the value of SIDNAME)?


      Class://Streams/TestStream/DBSID/SIDNAME ???


      Many thanks,