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    Require a BladeLogic  Reporting Feature for nsh.

      i have been using bladelogic for a of lot auditing. some of the fuctionality is way too much for me to create audit jobs and extended objects( i am still in a learning phase too on that part of it). so i write bash/csh/nsh/perl Scripts. all of these scripts when executed sequential using nsh i have no problem writing out a log file which has the results in centeral location i desire, not an issue when you work on small subset servers.


      Here is my biggest problem. when i write a NSH script and want to execute them parallel... i will need to manage log files in the central location. i cannot provide locks in nsh until a certain box finishes its tasks. there can be any number of clients trying to write to the same file at the same time. some of them might just keep them open for a while ( example running blquery for last login and you have 1000+ userids on the system). This beats the purpose of parallel executing.


      since nsh has the ablility to blquery... i was thinking can nsh have a fuction or NSH aware output logger which can write to a central file location?


      just my wish...

      blcat //CENTRALSERVER/LOCATION/FILENAME some_file_name

      maybe with append or overwrite features and should manage file locking when a lot of clients run the same script.


      also is there way to provide consildate job reports show up automatically in the Reports portion of the web interface?


      i am open to suggestions and thoughts, meantime i will be exploring options and continue to learn more about the product.