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    'iconv' error messages when using NSH

      When launching NSH either from the command line on my local machine or from 'NSH Here' in Ops Manager, I am getting the following error messages every time I enter a command.


      Can't find function 'iconv' in iconv

      Can't find function 'iconv_close' in iconv

      Can't find function 'iconv_open' in iconv


      This is not a huge issue until I try to use nexec, whereupon it hangs.


      I've opened a ticket about this but I was wondering if anyone esle has seen this before.


      The box I am launching NSH on is WinXP SP2 and we are on BL 6.3.4

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          I've managed to solve this.


          I recently installed GIMP (the open source image editing suite) and this seems to have caused the issue. GIMP needs the GTK+ Runtime Environment, part of this installs a copy of iconv.dll and renames any other versions of that .dll that reside on the PC. Unfortunately, iconv.dll exists in \Bladelogic\OM\bin and this had been renamed to iconv.dll.OFF. Uninstalling GTK+ and renaming the original copy of the dll has resolved the issue.


          Just thought I ought to share.