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    blcli copy batch deployjob

      There's nothing obvious in the default cli xmls that hint at copying a job. I'd like to copy a job with a syntax like:


      blcli "src job path" "src job" "dst job path" "dst job"


      and have it return a dbkey handle to the new job. I haven't found a saveas/copy/savecopy type api command to invoke, but hopefully I'm just not looking in the right place.


      Any help?

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          There's an unreleased namespace called ImportExport that has the ability to import and export various objects. I have not used it in awhile, but you could possibly use unreleased commands and string them together in a released command to create a poor-man's copy:


          1. Export to X.

          2. Import from X.

          3. Output DBKey


          I'm not sure if there are any other unreleased CLIs for just "Copy" by itself.