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    Addserver script: OS SunOS release 5.10 not found.

      We have an addserver script for UNIX servers which also sets some initial server properties. This script has been working fine but today I ran into the following issue:

      Error: Failed to set MSD_REGION property US for snwpeng2: Unknown command : name space = 'Server', command = 'addPropertyValue'. Found command but with mismatching arguments. .


      I did some troubleshooting and eventually came to pinpoint this line earlier in the code where it adds the server to RBAC:

      SERVER_ID=`blcli Server addServer $server`


      The contents of SERVER_ID are actually:

      Command execution failed. OS SunOS release 5.10 not found


      All 5.8 and 5.9 servers seem to add fine. I haven't been able to find another 5.10 server in the environment yet so I can't compare.