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    Using createNSHScriptJob

      Has anyone successfully made use of this call? Have an example? What does scriptGroup refer to? I assumed the documentation mean depotGroup but in my experiments that didn't seem to be the case. Any help would be much appreciated!



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          So I did the following


          $ blcli NSHScriptJob createNSHScriptJob /Nik/Test test_nshscript_job "some stuff" /NSHScripts testscript autwin2kagt1 10



          My environment is such that I have a job group /Nik/Test

          a depot group /NSHScripts

          an nsh script testscript


          and a server autwin2kagt1 in my role.


          and It all seemed to work fine.


          scriptGroup is the depot group where the NSHScript is located.


          Also, targetName must be a server, not a server group.

          If you want to add more targets, you would need to use

          Job addTargetServer or

          Job addTargetGroup

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            Thanks Nik. It now works for me as well. Not sure what I missed the other day, but followed directions from Brad Jacobs (and you, since they were the same) and it's working. Brad forwarded me the improved blcli documentation entry for createNSHScriptJob (it really help when all of the argument descriptions are not 'not description available' !) and that helped.