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    blpackage creation via blcli

      I see that I can create a blpackage via the blcli. It seems that some of the arguments are only obtainable by creating certain elements using the blcli. For example, I need a component DBKey. I don't see anyway to get that with the blcli other than to create the component with the blcli. Not what I want to do.


      In 6.2 is there a way to pull this off? Anyone have an example?


      Thanks - Andy

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          There are functions like


          groupNameToDBKey (under the depotGroup object)


          that will return the DBKey you are looking for.


          It depends on which DBKey you need, but there are several

          getDBKey type of functions available.

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            Hi Mike - thanks for the reply. Yup, sure, I see those. Here's a more specific example:


            for createPackageFromDepotObject I'm expected to provide a depotObjectType. It's an integer but there's no description of what values the argument can take. I can't find any routine in the API that returns something like that. I may just be looking over it. Surely someone out there uses the createPackageFromDepotObject routine?


            Thanks - Andy

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              Andrew - as far as I know, there is no released command in 6.2 that will return you the type of a depot object.


              The type refers to the model type - the key in the object database table that references the type of depot object that you are trying to add to the package.


              You may want to take the next step of letting your PS contact know your request; I'm certain they can work with you to find a supported solution.



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                Copy the attached .xml file into your .../br/xml/cli directory. Run the following commands, given the single argument from the list below as the (e.g., BLPACKAGE, DEPOT_FILE, et al.):


                blcli DepotObject getDepotObjectType <OBJECT TYPE>


                Copied from the BLCLI help in version 6.3.2:


                The following is a list of all valid depot object type strings, excluding software packages:


                -BLPACKAGE: BlPackage

                -DEPOT_FILE_OBJECT: file

                -NSHSCRIPT: NshScript


                The following is a list of software installables that are also valid depot objects:


                -AIX_PATCH_INSTALLABLE: AIX patch

                -AIX_PACKAGE_INSTALLABLE: AIX package

                -HP_PRODUCT_INSTALLABLE: HP-UX product

                -HP_BUNDLE_INSTALLABLE: HP-UX bundle

                -HP_PATCH_INSTALLABLE: HP-UX patch

                -RPM_INSTALLABLE: Linux RPM

                -SOLARIS_PATCH_INSTALLABLE: Solaris patch

                -SOLARIS_PACKAGE_INSTALLABLE: Solaris package

                -HOTFIX_WINDOWS_INSTALLABLE: Windows HotFix

                -SERVICEPACK_WINDOWS_INSTALLABLE: Windows Service Pack

                -MSI_WINDOWS_INSTALLABLE: Windows MSI Package

                -INSTALLSHIELD_WINDOWS_INSTALLABLE: Windows InstallShield Package++++++++