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    blcli - command line execution.

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      BLCLI> NSHScriptJob executeJobAndWait "Workspace/UnixOperations/pmudundi" "STS_DISK_IP_COMMANDS"

      Command execution failed. Found command but with mismatching arguments.


      BLCLI> NSHScriptJob executeJobAndWait "Jobs/Test/Workspace/UnixOperations/pmudundi" "STS_DISK_IP_COMMANDS"

      Command execution failed. Found command but with mismatching arguments.







      Any help in pointing out the mistake would be appreciated.




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          From the 6.3.1 BLCLI documentation, NSHScriptJob executeJobAndWait takes a single parameter, a DBKey called jobKey. This means you cannot pass in a path to a script job, but instead need to first call NSHScriptJob getDBKeyByGroupAndName


          NSHScriptJob getDBKeyByGroupAndName "Workspace/UnixOperations/pmudundi" "STS_DISK_IP_COMMANDS"


          NSHScriptJob executeJobAndWait DBKey:SJobKey:119-1


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            I tried a lot of variation for the path name.


            this is the error i get

            Command execution failed. Invalid qualified group name : Workspace/UnixOperations/pmudundi



            maybe i am missing something as to the path and the process/NSCHScriptjob name...


            opened the NSH Script Job STS_DISK_IP_COMMANDS

            the path is taken from Save in text box

            the job name is as in the Name:



            thank you

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              You do need to start any group paths with a "/".


              Try "/Workspace/UnixOperations/pmudundi"

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                Try /Workspace instead of Workspace.


                Also, make sure you are logging into blcli (manually or user_info.dat) with the same role as the role that has the NSH Script Job.

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                  I believe there are two problems here:


                  1. The group the job is in is a shared out to Prasanth's role. Can anyone confirm that you can select a shared folder in the "groupName" parameter of this BLCLI command? And if so what should be the format of the "groupName" parameters? I've tried exactly as it's displayed in the GUI (/UnixEngineering -> UnixOperations/UnixEngineering -> pmadundi) but that does not work.


                  2. There appeared to be some whitespace/non-printable chars on the tail end of the job name which is making it impossible to select the job in the "jobName" parameter. I found if I cut and paste the job into a new folder the junk on the end was removed. I beleive there is junk there because when I click on the job in the GUI the blue hightlight box goes way to the right of the last char in the job name.


                  (This questions should have been posted off a new topic, if anyone at BL has the ability to rectify that, would be nice.)


                  Jim Collins

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                      Unless something has changed in a newer release, you cannot get at a job group that was shared to you from the BLCLI as far as I know. :(


                      I ran into this a while back and thought I had submitted an enhancement request, but looking at my tickets I don't see any about that. Perhaps you would like to log one.


                      In the mean time, I wouldn't be surprised if some smart PS guy (ie. Brad) might post some blcli XML to expose this functionality...


                      Note however that in your NSH script, you can invoke the CLI using different user_info.dat files so you could lookup the job and execute it using another account...



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                        Jim has submitted a case to support.


                        As a follow-up, Sean Daley informed support that currently you cannot use a shared workspace for this command. He also stated that this type of functionality is slated for release in 6.3.2.



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                          As an alternative, one may use the "blcli -r ROLE_NAME" option. This will switch the user into a role of which the user is an authorized member.


                          Therefore, if you have a shared folder, shared by a role to which you have access, but your user_info.dat authenticates you as a specific role, you may change roles during execution with the "-r."