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    SRP proxy only appserver updates to trole/tpasswd

      We are using an SRP proxy only appserver instance that is configured to read roles and users from files. The appserver reads the trole and tpasswd files at startup. Whenever we make changes to roles or add users we run dumprole and dumpuser on the proxy server which generates new flatfiles. The dumpuser script also runs from cron every 12 hours to pick up user password changes.


      But, when the files are updated it appears the appserver instance does not read the updated files. Is there a way to force the appserver to re-read the tpasswd and trole files to pick up the changes without a stop/start cycle?


      I'm hoping it's as simple as sending it a signal (i.e. kill -HUP) but I can't mess around with the proxy while it's actively being used.