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    blcli's password masking

      When entering "blcli -m subshell", the "Enter password:" line tries to mask the password entered by clearing/refreshing the line "very" quickly. However if the user happens to type a letter at the "correct" time in this refresh process, the letter still flashes up on the screen for a brief moment. I have seen individual letters in my own password flash on this line in several occasions. Any plans to change this in the future?

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          Jia-Mei, first of all, if you are running that "Server deletePropertyValue" command from within the subshell. You'll need to restart the subshell after copying the XML file to the .../br/xml/cli directory.


          There is no direct method in Java to stop characters from echoing to the screen when running from a console. The standard method for doing this across all dos/linux-based Java apps is to refresh the line constantly. This is what you are seeing.


          I have looked for ways to do this myself in Java and have found, throughout google, only this approach. As a work-around, consider using the user_info.dat file to authenticate with the server when you use the blcli or blcli subshell.

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            We are planning on fixing the password issue in the 6.3.2 release.