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    Exicuting jobs using blcli

      I have an existing custom software depot job in the group "Jobs/Workspace/Louise AIX" called "ssh".

      I wish to set the Targets for this job and execute it using blcli.


      All the blcli commands I can find that appear to perform this function, requires the DBKey for the job.


      I have tried runnung


      blcli DeployJob getDBKeyByGroupAndName "/Jobs/Workspace/Louise AIX" ssh


      with using different variations of the group name to get the job DBKey, but continue to get the following error message:


      Unknown command : name space = 'DeployJob', command = 'getDBKeyByGroupAndName'. Found command but with mismatching arguments.

      ./bltest[6]: /Jobs/Workspace/Louise AIX: not found.


      How can I get the job DBKey for a job?


      Louise Hutton