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    How to Install NSH commands on HPUX 11i

      How do i install NSH commands onto a HPUX Unix box.


      When i run the NSH622-HPUX.sh file downloaded from BladeLogic website and run it - it does not install NSH?

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          If you have an agent installed on that machine already (from the same or from a previous version), the NSH installer will only upgrade the existing agent and will not request feedback on which new components you wish to install.


          To step around this, you should uninstall the agent, then re-run the installer. Once the initial agent is removed, you will be allowed to select which components you wish to install.

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            We use an nsh-install-defaults file for use with the "-silent" parameter to the .SH script. Here is ours with the appserver hostname changed to "appserverhost". It installs the rscd and nsh, which I believe are menu options 1 and 4. This is for a 5.2.x installer, so check to make sure the menu options for those 2 features are still valid.


            % cat nsh-install-defaults


            export COMPONENT_CHECKED


            export INSTALL_DIR


            export NSH_ROOT_HOST


            export NSH_USER_FROM


            export NSH_USER


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              thanks for replies. If bladelogic already exists the only way i found to install NSH was to reinstall bladelogic. That way, on install, you can choose the nsh menu option.