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    Problem with the user_info.dat file on a windows server

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      I ran into something strange today and was hoping someone could give me some insight.


      We needed to set up the user_info.dat file on the customers app server today. I did the following


      1. Start -> Run -> at 14:30 /interactive nsh.exe

      2. The windows popped up as it should at 14:30 and I typed echo $HOME at the network shell prompt.


      The prompt returned just a / , this tells me that the Local System user account application directory is just c:\ , so I created c:\Application Data\BladeLogic\user and put the user_info.dat file in that directory. I went to the NSH prompt and typed a BLCLI command. The command asked for the user name. This tells me that it's not in the right directory.


      I then looked for the blcli.log file and found it under c:\Documents and Settings\bluser\Application Data\BladeLogic


      I created a directory called 'user' under this directory and put the user_info.dat file under this directory and now the BLCLI commands work.


      There seems to be no reason why the bluser application data directory should be the home directory for 'Local System'. Task Scheduler is running as 'Local System' as well as the BladeLogic application server is running as 'Local System'.


      Any suggestions?