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      Hi all - Im totally new to this script, as scripting wasnt available till the 6.2.1 release. I downloaded the release.nsh script, i would like autmate things via command line. But am having problems, out of memory issues, failing on opening a connection, not sure what that is referencing, but any assistance would be great.



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          Release.nsh is just a sample script to illustrate how a person can use blcli to automate more complex tasks. To understand how blcli works, you may want to check out this KB article:




          There are a variety of other scripts available in KB that demonstrate how to use the BLCLI to do certain actions. I would suggest looking at the "Set Property on Server" script as it will give you the concepts with much more basic logic. Here's the URL:



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            Hey Tim,


            thanks for the help - Im still reading throught the documents but ive been encountering the folliwng errors


            bl622% /c/offline.nsh hosts_file.txt


            Failed execution.java.lang.Exception: Failed to open connection


            Failed execution.java.lang.Exception: Failed to open connection


            Checking server: nyvatluri


            Failed execution.java.lang.Exception: Failed to open connection


            Out of memory in memalloc 4194320 bytes (PID = 992) ...

            Memory ...: Not enough core

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              I'm not so sure why you're getting out of memory errors, but the "Failed to Open Connection" messages probably mean that wherever you're running BLCLI from doesn't have access to the app server (BLCLI makes all of its connections through the app server, just like a console does).


              In order to run an automation script that uses BLCLI, there are a couple of things you need to factor in:


              1) Cache the user credentials so that the script won't ask for them. You can test this by running

              blcli -m subshell

              from a command line. If you aren't prompted for a password, then BLCLI successfully picked up the cached credentials. See the KB for more information.


              2) Ensure that BLCLI can contact the app server. Basically, if you can open up a GUI console from this same machine, then BLCLI should work.

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                As for your out of memory exceptions, how much physical memory is available (free memory) on the system when you are running this command? If it is all taken up by other services (eg. the app server, this could easily happen...