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    Audit Target  - Server or Server Component clarification

    Bill Bruncati

      I have a server with a discovered component.

      I've taken a snapshot of the component and want

      to run daily Audits of the Live server ( Target ) against

      the Snapshot ( Master ) .


      While setting up the Audit job ( Step 4 of 8 Targets )

      using the CM Gui, what's the difference whether

      I choose the Server name as the target or drill

      down into the server and choose the matching Server

      component as the target ?






      I'm not sure what the User Guide is saying.


      "If you are basing an audit on component templates, the job will audit components based on those component templates."



      "If you select a server, the Audit Job runs on all components on that server that are based on the specified component templates at the time the job executes."