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    Discovered Component Permissions confusion

    Bill Bruncati

      I'm running Bladelogic 7.4.03 and I've created a

      Role called "Control Role" .While in this Role, I've created

      Component Template with a corresponding ACL Template.




      Here are my steps:


      - Created a Component Template and added my ACL Template .

      The ACL templates contains the permissions I want

      the other Roles to have on any components that this Role Discovers.

      See screen shot 1.


      - Had Control Role run a Discover job. Screen shot 2.


      - As expected, the Control Role can see the newly created component.

      Screen shot 3.


      My problem is that the new component only has Permissions for

      the Control Role. I thought the ACL Template I used when

      I initially created the Component Template would cause newly

      created components to have all the permissions in the ACL Template ?

      Screen shot 4.


      Please help me clear up my understanding.