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    Check (Windows) File Version in Compliance Job?

      I have a need to scan some Windows (2000/2003) machines for a particular dll file and check the version. In this case, I am interested in a version number greater than or equal to a particular value.


      The compliance rules do allow me to select the file version, but what I cannot figure is how to get a "greater than or equal to" or "at least" comparison operator for the number check (see attached screen shot). In other words, it seems to want to treat the result as a string. Any way I can get it to treat it like a number? Or a functional equivalent? (Besides enumerating all possible values in our environment and adding "equals 1.1" OR "equals 1.2" OR "equals 1.3" OR ....)


      As a fall-back, I was thinking I could create an extended object that checks the version and returns a "GO" or "NO-GO" result that I could then pipe into the compliance job (doing the numeric comparison in the script). In that case, what would be the command/syntax to get the file version? I have looked at the blquery but none of the options seem to quite fit.