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    Wondering what happens to my  Audit Masters?

    Bill Bruncati

      Running BL 7.4.3 on Solaris 10.


      To track server changes I've :

      - created and discovered an OS component template on Solaris 10 servers.

      - Taken snapshots of the OS component template to be used for each server's

      scheduled audit master.

      - run a daily audit comparing each server's component master to

      their corresponding server.


      Things will be running fine and then

      I'll get an error about no matching master

      found for target , see attached screenshot.


      Could someone please help me understand this ?


      I would think that if something changed between

      a server's master snapshot and the server ( target ) itself,

      then the job would tell me the difference instead of failing.


      I end up having to reSnaphot the component for a new master and redefine my

      master for each Audit job. Then Audits run fine again.