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    Metadata Audit for WebService Extensions

      I've assembled several audit jobs into a batch job that allow audit of Application Pools, Virtual Directories and MIME types -- they seem like they'll work as expected but need to be well tested still.


      I'm having diffifulty locating the Metabase keys that map to the Web Service Extensions. From command line, the iisext.vbs /listapp command pulls the info I'm seeking.


      The MS page below seems to infer this info is contained available at /LM\W3SVC/IISWebService Object (but i've not had any luck with this)




      Any assistance or has anyone else been down this road?

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          I've identified the key, its W3SVC/2168. This key contains multi-string values that correspond to the data displayed using the iisext.vbs /listapp command.


          I've attempted an audit of this key (from a master server) however, the audit only validates the existence of the key... not the match of the string value.


          I'm working on this and would appeciate any suggestion as to the best way to audit the string value for the key.

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            Hi Larry,

            I ran into the same issue when trying to package the 2168 key in a BLPackage. I don't know what version of BL you are using but this is a known limitation in 7.4.2 but should be solved in 7.4.3. (I haven't verified that though)


            Good thing is there is a workaround. Instead of adding the 2168 key to the audit, try to add the W3SVC folder and use the includes/excludes part and specify 2168 in the values to include.


            That should also allow you to automatically remediate by using "sync with master"


            The same things applies if you need to create a BLPackage. Add the whole W3SVC folder to a BLPackage and the modify the package so that it only contains the 2168 key.


            Let me know if this helps.





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              Thank you. This works. :)