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    Loading PCI content for Windows

    Tim Emerson

      I am loading the PCI version 7.4.5.C1.398 for Windows. I followed the requirements and setup a user_info.dat file. I copied the downloaded directory to c:\ and am running the install script from there. All goes well until it tries to load component templates. It then errors out saying it can find the source directory:


      Import: component-templates

      TemplateGroup does exist.

      ERROR: blcli_execute ImportExport importObject PCI Data Security Standard - Windows Server 2003 v1.1 returned error code. Result is: Command executio

      n failed. An error occurred while attempting to copy the file /C/Program Files/BladeLogic/OM/tmp/0/files/imported/1220830428023/blpackages/7.2.11@200

      7.06.09- to //MTblapp.lab.sl.maryville.com/e/files/imported/1234381726043/blpackages/7.2.11@2007.06.09- com.bladelo

      gic.mfw.util.BlException: No such file or directory;Can't access source file "/C/Program Files/BladeLogic/OM/tmp/0/files/imported/1220830428023/blpack


      Error running content-loader-pdq.nsh

      Error running pci-win03-install.nsh


      The source directory doesn't exist. But I don't know how to specify the correct one.


      Any ideas would be appreciated.