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    Automating Snapshot, Auditing, package delta and deploy tasks?

      Hello all,


      Apologies in advance as still a complete n00b to BladeLogic (and the fact i can't seem to find anything to help me with this query yet...).




      I'm trying to monitor the C://inetpub/wwwroot/nammers folder that's on a bunch of IIS Legacy Webservers.


      Initially, the objective was a job that keeps the /banner (and subfolders) in line between Live and their Performance Test Web Servers. Sounds simple enough and although each step can be done manually i.e. snapshot of the master live server, audit it against test servers, if there are differences package it up as deltas, deploy to test servers, take a new master snapshot of live server and repeat the process once again...


      Question: is there an easy way to automate this process together? I have a feeling it's along scripting and using the blcli commands, but as I'm still learning the ropes, any advice would be muchly appreciated!


      Many thanks in advance,